Parish Newsletter


Dear Reader,

Argentina. Can you name anyone from Argentina? Perhaps, if you like sport, you might say “Maradona” or, of you like history or musicals, you might say “Eva Perón”. But now nearly everyone knows that the new pop, Pope Francis, is an Argentine.

The reaction to the new pope has been warm and positive, Indeed, if you search for “Pope Francis” on the Internet, you will get over 34 million pages with references to him. more than any other pope.

Considering that he was only elected pope a month ago, why has there been such a reaction? Maybe part of the answer is in today’s Gospel. We read of Jesus waiting on the shore as Peter, the first Pope, and some of the disciples are fishing. Jesus has set fish cooking on a charcoal fire and has breads ready for them, He invites them to “Come and have breakfast”.

Jesus is looking after the basic needs of his disciples because he loves them. Without fuss, he makes them breakfast. When we read about Pope Francis, we discover someone who is concerned for other people and does the simple, ordinary things to put people at their ease. He cares for People. As Pope Francis follows the example of Jesus, the world is noticing him, In humbly doing the ordinary things, he seems extraordinary. Let us challenge ourselves to follow this example also.