Church Notices – St. Mary’s 15th/16th December, 2018


Church Notices – St. Mary’s 15th/16th December, 2018


  • Today is the Third Sunday of Advent.
  • St Joseph’s Young Priests Society will meet in the Pastoral Centre on Wednesday next 19th December at 8.00 p.m.
  • The Parish Newsletter is available after Mass. Please take a copy on your way out.
  • An envelope containing the Parish Schedule for Christmas and the New Year should have been delivered to your home. If you did not receive one, copies are available in the Church porches.
  • Maynooth Boys National School wish to remind you that the 31st January, 2019 is the closing date for enrolment forms for children starting in September, 2019

To be read at the 10.00 am, 11.30 am & 1.00 p.m. Masses

  • If you have a few minutes after Mass please join us for the “Sunday morning Cuppa” in the Pastoral Centre. All welcome

First Collection: €1,332                  PARISH COLLECTIONS

(support of Diocesan Priests)            Family Envelope & Standing Orders: €2,291

St Vincent de Paul: €11,262                             

Donations are still coming in