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Do This In Memory Mass – 22nd October 2023


The first Mass for the Do This In Memory programme took place last Sunday in St Mary`s
Church, Maynooth at 10 am. There was great excitement as the Presentation Girls were
responsible for the “jobs”, they created beautiful art, brought up the gifts and did the readings
and prayers. The church was packed as Fr Frank Celebrated Mass. The Family Mass group
provided lovely music and all the children enjoyed participating. Everyone was invited to the
Parish centre after for a cuppa and a sweet treat, thank you to all the parents that dropped off
goodies before the Mass.

The next Do This In Memory Mass will take place on the 26th of November and it will be the
boys from St Mary’s Schools turn to provide the art etc.

A special thanks to all the parents who sent in their own First Holy Communion photos for the
collage that was on display after the Mass in the parish centre, it was lovely for the children to
see their own parents and even grandparents’ photos.