This Fifth Parish Pastoral Council was established in St Mary’s Parish, Maynooth & Ladychapel in January 2022. The Parish Pastoral Council is a structure which brings together lay women and men from different parts of the parish, to work co-responsibly with priests and religious to build their parish as a living community committed to sharing the Good News.

Pastoral Council


Canon Frank McEvoy P.P.
 Mags Whitty (Chairperson)
John Paul Reilly (Secretary)
Fr Paul Kelly, C.C.
Fr Gerhard Osthues SVD
Ronan Barry
Sheila Lee
Pauline Hogan

Fr Cyril Odia SDB

Background & History

The consideration to form a parish pastoral council was announced to parishioners in November 2003.

A Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body of the faithful, representative of the whole parish community, willing to work in close partnership with the priest(s) of the parish to further the mission of Christ and his Church in the parish.

Diocesan guidance states that Parish Pastoral Councils are leadership structures that enable priests and people to work together to build up dynamic Christian communities that are characterised by prayer, hospitality, mission and evangelisation.

The members of the Council seek to bring their knowledge and experience of life in the parish to bear on this task. The full Council meets on a monthly basis, with smaller groups of members assigned specific tasks meeting more frequently as required.

Each PPC exists to further the mission of Christ and his Church in the parish. Members do so by contributing to the building up of the faith, hope and love of all parishioners. Other areas the PPC facilitate are:

  • Organising and / or promoting events that will contribute to the prayer life and faith life of the community
  • Promoting and / or making available adult religious education opportunities at parish and inter-parish levels
  • Welcoming the stranger, reaching out to the alienated and caring for the vulnerable
  • Working to improve communication throughout the parish, especially through inputs in to the parish newsletter and hosting of meetings around issues of pastoral concern
  • Encouraging participation in the liturgical life of the parish.
  • Affirming and supporting other parish groups that contribute to the pastoral life of the parish
  • Developing / ensuring that the parish has an appropriate pastoral care programme for its young people, persons with disabilities, elderly and marginalised
  • Delegating responsibility for specific tasks to groups or individual persons of known competence, e.g. maintenance of parish property and certain financial responsibilities.
  • Organising a get-together of representatives of all parish groups and organisations that contribute to the pastoral life of the parish at least once every three years with a view to nourishing them and gleaning their recommendations re: future pastoral planning and provision.
  • Conveying to non-church going parishioners, through word and action, that they are valued and integral members of the parish community

In relation to all these areas of concern and responsibility PPC members are encouraged to consult and involve fellow parishioners. The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body. Their key role is as facilitators of related opportunities and developments

The Parish Pastoral Council is not responsible for managing the finances or property of the parish. This is the responsibility of the parish Finance Committee. It goes without saying, however, that the PPC and the PFC should work closely together.

Meeting Times

Our Parish Pastoral Council meet on 1st Thursday of the month except July and August in the Parish Pastoral Centre. The agenda and relevant material is distributed the week before the meeting by the PPC secretary. The minutes are recorded and distributed directly after the meetings. Members agree to undertake work – if necessary – between meetings. A quota of 50% plus one will allow a meeting to proceed.