Parish Blog

We begun our day with mass in the Crypt Basilica.  The church that Our Lady asked Bernadette to ask to request the priest to build so people could come to pray there.  We felt very privileged praying there for all of you knowing that St. Bernadette prayed there too. The theme of our sermon was recognising God as our Saviour just as Mary referred to Him in the Magnificat. ” My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour ”


After mass we did the lower stations, if you remember I reflected on them during the Novena of Grace. We reflected on the Cross, the pain of suffering and how like Simon of Cyrene we can assist and are assisted in the carrying of the cross.  We recognised the suffering Christ and the cloak of HOPE that made the connection between God and humanity. The final station The Theophany gave us great encouragement reminding us of the experience of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus how they recognised the Risen Christ in the breaking of the Bread. That should be our experience no matter what life’s experience is for us whenever we celebrate mass.

We concluded our day by gathering opposite the Grotto where we prayed the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. We remembered all of you in our prayers.


On the way back to the Hotel somebody bought me an ice cream I couldn’t refuse.

Good night and blessings on you all from Lourdes.

Fr. Frank