Parish Blog

We attended the International mass in the underground Basilica St Pius X. People were delighted to meet Fr. Paul Coyle a former priest of our parish. There was a great sense of the Universal Church many different nationalities and we priests prayed the eucharistic prayer in Latin the universal language of tge Church.

In the afternoon we had mass in the sheepfold in the City of the Poor. We had the anointing of the anointing of the sick. We remembered all of you back home, we called it the mass of healing .

At the end of mass we a presentation to Bernie as a BIG THANK FOR ALL HER KINDNESS TO US.  Thanks Bernie

We also presented Fr. Francis with a Marian Stole acknowledging his 25th anniversary of his priesthood this year.

We concluded our praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary 📿 🙏.

Blessings from Lourdes.

Fr.  Frank

Oh look for dessert tonight in the Hotel Baked Alaska 😋