Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent –

Please be guided by our stewards with regards to seating, receiving Communion and leaving the Church. We ask that you please continue to wear a facemask and sanitise your hands when you come into the Church and when you leave.

As there will be no basket collections at the moment – envelopes for the First and Second Collections are available in the porches. These can be placed in the baskets in front of the Altar during Mass or please hand them into the Parish Office.

The St Vincent de Paul’s Annual Appeal will took place last weekend. The funds raised will be used locally for Maynooth residents.  If you would like to donate donation envelopes are available in the Church porch and we would be grateful if you would return it to the Parish Office or in the Church during Mass. Alternatively, and should you prefer, you can donate online at  The members of SVP thank you for supporting us in our work for the disadvantaged in our community.

Due to restrictions in the Church this year we will be issuing tickets for all of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses in St Mary’s and also Ladychapel. Each person attending will need a ticket. We are limited to 100 tickets per Mass at St Mary’s and 40 at Ladychapel.  All Masses are fully booked now. If you have already booked your ticket please call to the Parish Office before Wednesday to collect them.

 The Parish Calendar and Christmas Dues envelopes are available in the Church Porch. Please take one on your way out.


First Collection:  €622  (support of Diocesan Priests)

Family Envelope & Standing Orders:  €2,171

St Vincent de Paul: €6,785              

(Replaced SHARE)