Today is the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

We ask that you please continue to wear a facemask and sanitise your hands when you come into the Church and when you leave.

MAYNOOTH PARISH YOUTH GROUP – The Parish Youth Group will meet on Friday next 25th February, from 7.00-8:30pm in the Parish Centre. We will start with games, and then we will be reflecting and discussing Compassion and Justice, and thinking of practical ways to put it in practice as Christians. We will finish our meeting with snacks and social time. If you are in secondary school, please come along, it’s a good way to make new friends. Please invite your teenage family and friends and pass the word around.

You are invited to two Synodal gatherings on the 9th & 23rd March which will be held in the Parish Centre. The word “ synodal” means journeying together and these gatherings will be an opportunity to share and listen to each other’s experience of Church, in an organised, gentle and prayerful environment.  Please see details in the Church porches.


First Collection:  €616    (support of Diocesan Priests)     

Family Envelope & Standing Orders: €1,879

ACCORD:  €467 (Replaced SHARE)