Maynooth Parish Youth Leader Advertisement


Maynooth Parish Youth Leader Advertisement

Currently, Maynooth Parish ( is seeking to employ a Parish Youth Leader to lead its youth ministry and work with young people. The role will involve the resourcing, delivery, and support of a youth ministry programme in the Parish including the parish schools, parish groups as well as diocesan bodies with a focus on building capacity in the local context.

The successful candidate will engage with the development of youth and pastoral programmes as well Sacramental preparation coordination. The candidate will actively promote and encourage the involvement of young people in the life of the local parish community.

For more background information on this position including our video story <click here>.

The salary and conditions will be commensurate with the role, and experience, of the candidate.

To receive an application please contact Martina at the Parish Office.

Telephone: 01- 6293018

The closing date and time for completed applications is March 21st at 4 pm.