Thank you

Thanks to everybody who attended our Consultation meeting on 12 th January in the Pastoral Centre.
There was a very positive response to our proposal to employ a Parish Youth Leader. We were very heartened by the level of support and encouragement.
Our next steps for both initiatives are to commence fundraising, firm up on our plans for the grounds and commence the recruitment process. The latter is totally dependent on parishioners’ financial support. Where possible we would ask everyone to consider increasing their regular contribution to make this happen. As a community, involvement from everybody will make a difference as an extra €10 per month from everyone would more than cover the cost.
A parish youth leader would make an enormous difference in helping to nurture our faith among our young people. Our Parish Youth Leader serving in our community would work with the priests of our parish, our school teachers, and parents to help children and young adults grow in all aspects of life, including spirituality. This is an exciting time for our Parish, a real moment in time that we believe will be a vital focus of our community over the next few years.